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There are so many Australian Forex brokers today hoping to make headway with trading. One factor preventing many of them from achieving their desire is the activities of unreliable Forex brokers.Australian forex brokers is  the best trading guide in AU.  Forex broker you register with can determine if you are successful in Forex trading or not. So, you should choose very carefully. There are so many brokers out there, but make sure you look before you leap when choosing any of them. You can check below for some of the most reliable brokers for Forex traders in Australia. We will also show you the features specific to each of the brokers.


Best forex brokers in Australia

5.0 rating

Min Deposit
$ 200
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
$ 100
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
$ 150

Min Deposit
$ 200
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
$ 150
5.0 rating

Min Deposit


  • It is the best Australian forex brokers overall in 2021. It is also a trustworthy Forex broker.
  • The broker accepts traders from the AU.
  • It is also regulated by the ASIC. ASIC stands for Australian Securities & Investment Commission.
  • The minimum deposit on this broker is 250 pounds.
  • The broker opened in 1974 and gets regulation from six tier-1 jurisdictions.
  • As of today, the trader can access up to 19,000 tradable instruments. There are 104 Forex pairs.
  • The trader can access the MT4 trading platform.
  • The broker also offers social trading and copy trading.

xm au trading

Plus 500 Pluss 500

  • This is one of the best Australian Forex brokers. The australian brokers also offers one of the best research materials ever for Australian Forex traders.
  • The quality of the customer service is outstanding.
  • The trader can access more than 40,000 instruments.
  • Also, the broker opened shop in 1992 and it is licensed in 6 tier-1 jurisdictions.
  • However, the trader will have to deposit a large amount of money to start using the platform.
  • The trader can equally access social trading and copy trading.
  • You can equally access up to 170 Forex pairs and 9000 CFDs.

plus500 website

Vantage FXVantage FX

  • This broker is among the best Forex brokers in Australia.
  • The broker offers one of the best web platforms.
  • You can also access the highest number of currency pairs here. The total number of Forex pairs available is 158.
  • The minimum initial deposit is $0.00 and the average spread on EUR/USD is 0.74.
  • Also, the broker offers social trading and copy trading, as well as cryptocurrency as CFD.
  • You can access demo trading here, as well as, proprietary platform.
  • The broker only supports the MT4 platform but not the MT5 platform.
  • Traders can have access to 86 charting indicators.

vantage fx website

Easy Markets:Easy Markets

  • This is the best Forex broker you should consider when looking for a broker that gives an all-around offering to traders.
  • The broker has backings from GAIN Capital and it is listed for public trading.
  • The broker is also regulated by ASIC. So, it is a safe platform for Australian traders.
  • City Index started in 1983 and offers good customer service.
  • Traders can access up to 65 Forex pairs and 4,500 CFDs.
  • Additionally, the platform offers social trading and copy trading.
  • The minimum deposit is 50 pounds.
  • A demo account is free and you can also access the proprietary trading platform here.

Easy Markets

eToro:etoro australia

  • If you need the best Forex broker in Australia as far as copy trading is concerned, this broker is one of the best.
  • The trading platform is very easy to use.
  • Also, the trader can access up to 2,300 instruments, including cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Forex, and securities.
  • The broker started in 2007. It is, therefore, relatively new.
  • Also, the broker is regulated by ASIC.
  • However, it is not listed for public trading.
  • The total number of Forex pairs available is 47.
  • Additionally, the trader can access VIP and Active Trader discounts.
  • The minimum deposit is $200.

eToro Australia

FXCM:FXCM Australia

  • The broker offers one of the best mobile apps for Australia Forex traders.
  • The trading platform is also outstanding.
  • The pricing is narrow and this makes the broker stand out.
  • There are also many trading tools you can choose from.
  • This broker began in 1999 and has grown in leaps and bounds since then to date.
  • The broker is regulated by the ASIC.
  • You can access up to 39 Forex pairs on this platform.
  • The trader can also access social trading and copy trading.
  • The minimum deposit is 300 pounds.

FXCM website

AvaTrade:avatrade Au

  • The trader registered here can access multiple trading platforms.
  • The broker is trusted globally and also accepts Forex traders from Australia.
  • The broker opened a shop in is equally regulated by ASIC. So, it is a safe platform for Australian traders.
  • The trader can access proprietary platforms and MetaTrader platforms.
  • If you are a copy trader, this platform is also one of the best for you.
  • The broker started in 2006, but it is not listed for public trading.
  • The total number of Forex pairs available is 55 and the number of CFDs is 722.

avatrade website

How do Australian forex brokers make money?

Forex Broker tips in Australia


Speculators and traders in the Australian forex brokers buy and sell a series of currencies depending on what their analysis tells them to do. The traders are only able to trade Forex via a Forex broker. As a Forex trader in Australia, you can easily get reliable Australian Forex brokers that you can easily register with. Forex brokers typically operate over the counter and it is, therefore, not under the control of similar regulations as it obtains in several other financial exchanges. In this section of the write-up, we will focus on how brokers make money.

Australian forex brokers Brokers’ fees

Brokers in the Forex market make money by charging fees per trading action. The fee varies from one broker to another, however. This is why you must fully consider the fees charged by a broker before you register there. The trader will have to pay some fees on each buy or sell order that he executes.

The fees can come in the form of a pip spread. Pip spread is the difference between the bid-price and ask-prices. The bid price is the price received by the trader for selling a currency. The ask-price, on the other hand, is the price the trader will have to pay when you buy the currency. The broker charges the trader to pay the di9fference between the bid-price and ask-price of the asset.

Best online trading plartfroms in AU

Fixed and variable spreads

The two types of spreads are:

  • Fixed spread
  • Variable spread

Australian forex brokers Commissions

Aside from the spread, the australian brokers can equally ask the trader to pay a commission. As is the case with the spread, the commission also differs from one broker to another. Some of the best Forex brokers in Australia even offer commission-free trading experience. If you register on such a broker, it means that the cost of trading Forex will be lower. Not all the brokers that claim to offer commission-free trades are reliable. Some of these brokers still charge commission as a hidden fee. They make the trader think they do not charge a commission, but they actually do so in another way. How do they do this? They make the trader pay a wider spread. So, you should carry out adequate research about these brokers before you register with any of them. Find out if there are any hidden fees or not.

Australian forex brokers

How much do Forex brokers charge?

Before you venture into Forex trading, you need to first find out how much Forex brokers charge. This will open your eyes to the cost of trading Forex. The outcome of your findings can also help you to determine if that Forex broker is ok for you or not. It is normal for Forex traders to opt for a Forex broker that charges the least. This will help the trader to save a lot of money while trading Forex. The cost of trading Forex on a particular platform can determine the reputation of the broker. Before you register with any of the Australian Forex brokers out there, find out if it charges hidden fees or not. Check below for more on the subject matter.

What cost do you have to pay?

The cost of trading Forex refers to the overall expense you will incur as a forex trader while trading. We can categories the costs into two:

  • Compulsory costs
  • Optional costs

Compulsory costs

These represent costs that every trader must pay for as long as they operate that particular trading account.

Examples are:

  • Forex spread
  • Commissions

Optional costs

These are costs for things that the trader may not need. The trader may choose to pay for them or not. Examples of optional costs are:

  • Faster internet
  • Custom technical analysis services
  • News services
  • Swap, which is only paid if you leave a trade overnight

The trader will have to pay a particular fee for every trade he opens on a australian brokers trading platform. The amount he pays depends on what the broker charges. However, the amount is usually low. Even at that, you must not overlook the cost while trading. This is because the cost can affect how you make a profit in the long term. Accumulation of the low cost can amount to much at the end of the day. Underestimation of the cost can impede the ability of some traders to make a profit over time.

Good examples of the costs are the Forex spreads and commissions

The spreads and commissions vary from one broker to another. Always remember to check the cost before you trust that broker. You will not have to pay direct commissions on many retail brokers; such brokers do add the commission to the spread. You should research the brokers and opt for the one charging the least spread and commissions among them.

As stated earlier, the spread is the difference between the bid and ask prices. The bid and ask prices are the process that the broker gives you for every currency pair available on the broker’s trading platform. To remind you, the ask-price represents a price to sell that currency pair at, while the bid price represents the price to buy that currency pair at. The difference between the two prices will give you the spread. The broker needs to charge the spread so that it can stay in business. Many of the best Forex brokers in Australia charge spread. Though, the more reliable ones will charge low spreads.

Variable rate spreads

Market volatility is one of the factors that determine the spread amount. The spread equally varies from one currency pair to another. You can expect a variable spread if you are in markets that feature higher volatility. If the trading activity on a particular currency pair is low, then volatility is low and spread will be low. The reverse is the case when there is more activity and volatility is higher. The increase in the spread is to enable the broker to incorporate the additional risks brought about by the increased volatility.

One other factor responsible for the variable spread is the commission the broker charges. Instead of charging commissions, as mentioned above, some brokers said the commission to the spread and this will cause an increase in the spread.

In conclusion, the factors responsible for variable rate spreads are:

  • Market volatility
  • Currency pair being traded
  • Variable commission by brokers

What is a commission?

There are two types of commissions:

  • Fixed fees
  • Relative fees

Fixed fees are commissions that the trader must pay irrespective of the size or volume he is trading. If the fixed fee is $1, for example, the trader must pay this amount irrespective of higher or lower size or volume of trade.

A relative fee, on the other hand, depends on the volume the trader opens. In the latter case, the commission increases as the trading volume increases. This means that the cash value of the commission will increase with an increase in the trading volume.

Additional fees

Aside from the spread and commission, some brokers also charge some other forms of fees. You can also call these additional fees hidden fees. Examples of the additional fees are:

  • Inactivity fees
  • Monthly minimum fees
  • Quarterly minimum fees
  • Margin costs
  • Fees for calling the broker on the phone

Is an ECN broker?

Yes, is an ECN broker. Be that as it may, the broker started as a market maker. It is now an ECN broker and generates its revenues through spread or commissions. Its pricing is also transparent and you can find details of prices on the website, We are going to show you a couple of other things that make this broker your best bet when looking for the best Forex broker in Australia. outstanding features

For one, this Forex broker offers a wide array of assets and instruments to its registered traders and investors. You can also enjoy a series of incentives as a trader on this platform. Most of the benefits are for high-volume traders, however. The minimum deposit is $100 or 100 units of the base currency. The platform also charges fees, like the following:

  • Inactivity fees
  • Overnight financing costs
  • Commissions
  • Spread cost

If you are active Forex traders, this trading platform is just for you.

A little bit of history began in 2001 and it was a part of GAIN Capital Holdings. The broker offers Forex trading opportunities to traders across the globe, including Australia. The offerings are around Forex and CFD markets for all categories of traders. GAIN Capital Holdings is a conglomerate including City Index and Daniels Trading. City Index is an online spread and CFD betting provider, while Daniel Trading is a futures advisory trading firm. However, StoneX Group Inc acquired GAIN Capital Holdings in 2020. StoneX Group Inc is a publicly-traded company. The company connects clients to the global market on all assets via institutional-grade platforms, high-touch expertise, and end-to-end clearing and execution.

Available offerings

Some of the offerings on are:

  • Spread betting
  • CFDs
  • Futures
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Individual stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities

You can also access several asset classes here. While the broker is not available in all countries, Australian Forex traders can easily access the trading platform. It is worthy of note when you are looking for the best Forex broker Australia. The wide varieties of offerings mean that the trader can access several trading opportunities on the platform.

Aside from the offerings highlighted above, some of the other benefits that this broker offers its traders and investors are:

  • Guaranteed stop-loss orders
  • ESMA-mandated negative balance protection
  • Client account protection

So, you will be dealing with one of the best when you deal with this broker.

The broker offers more than 80 currency pairs and each of them features a competitive spread. There are several account types available on this broker. Traders holding any type of account can enjoy a competitive spread also.

Outstanding website’s website is very easy to navigate. The good organization of the website further makes it outstanding. The fees you will have to pay are disclosed on the website for all traders and investors to see. Check below for more of the unique things about the website:

  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Education and research tools
  • Regulatory oversight

The features above make one of the best to consider for those looking for the best Australian Forex brokers.

Australian forex brokers Regulation is regulated by the following agencies:

  • CFTC (united states)
  • HFA (united states)
  • FCA (united kingdom)
  • IIROC (Canada)
  • ASIC (Australia)
  • MAS (Singapore)
  • FSA ( United Kingdom)
  • CIMA (Cayman Island)

As a result of this, you have nothing to worry about as a Forex trader on has never been known to take part in any activity detrimental to the interest of its traders since its inception to date.

Everyone is welcome

It does not matter the type of trader you are, you will always find to be perfect for you. There is a wide range of asset classes and products of traders here. It is the perfect platform for high-volume traders, however. While everyone is welcome here, bear in mind that the product offerings differ from one region to another. Even at that, all categories of traders can enjoy the following benefits from this Forex broker:

  • Complete account security
  • Varieties of trading platforms
  • Reliable and fast trade execution

Available order types

The following are the order types available on

  • Market: This is the simple trader. In this order, the trader signals that his trade be executed immediately at the prevailing market rate
  • Limit: This is a pending order. In this case, the trader asks that his order be executed at a predetermined price point. This can be either above or below the prevailing price.
  • Stop: This is also a pending order. The trader requests that his order be executed at a predetermined price point
  • OCO: This is a pair of pending orders and the execution of one order will cancel the other one.


  • Many product offerings are available
  • High-volume traders can enjoy rebates
  • Special protection for trader accounts
  • Regulated by ASIC for Australian Forex traders. To help refresh your memory, ASIC is an acronym for Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
  • The web platform has TradingView charts built into it.


  • S clients cannot enjoy account protection
  • Website maintenance is not so impressive

How to choose a broker for Australian forex brokers

The Forex market is highly competitive and you will find so many traders seeking to win clients over. If this is the first time you will be searching for a Forex broker, you may be confused about the right one to choose among them. If you are an Australian Forex trader and you are looking for the best Forex broker Australia, the points we will provide in this section can help you to choose among the Forex brokers available.

How secure is the platform

Before you register with any of the Forex brokers out there in Australia, first find out if the broker is secure or not. One can say that this is the most important point to consider when looking for a Forex broker in Australia. Do not forget that you will be handing over your money to the broker. So, the onus is on you to make sure that you will be giving your money to a secure trading platform. As expected, all the Forex brokers in Australia claim to be legit and secure. However, you must never take their words for it. Rather, you should carry out your personal research to be sure that the broker is not being deceptive.

The best way to know if a broker is secure is to find out if it is regulated. The regulation with a regulatory agency can indicate that the broker is not fraudulent but trustworthy. In Australia, for example, the regulatory agency is the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). If you are looking for the best Forex broker in Australia, look for one that is regulated by ASIC. It is also good if the broker is regulated by some other agencies across the globe. Examples of such global regulatory   agencies are:

  • United States: Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA).
  • Canada: Investment Information Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).
  • Switzerland: Swiss Federal Banking Commission.
  • United Kingdom: Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

If the broker of your interest is not a member of any of the regulatory agencies above, then you should steer clear of such a broker.

Australian forex brokers Cost of trading

One other very important thing to consider when looking for the best Forex brokers in Australia is the cost of trading. There is no way you can avoid paying transaction costs when you trade Forex. Be that as it may, the cost differs from one broker to another. One of the fees that you will have to pay as a Forex trader is the spread. You will have to pay this fee irrespective of the type of trader you are.

You will also have to pay the fee for every trade that you execute. The spread is what helps the brokers to remain in business. The spread varies from one broker to another, however. You will also have to pay a commission to the broker. As is the case with spreads, the commission also differs from one broker to another. When looking for the right broker, you should go for one that charges a low amount as spread and commission.

The spread may look like a small amount, but it can accumulate to something huge over time. So, you should only pitch your tent with a broker that charges a low spread. Make sure, however, that the broker is regulated. At the same time, the type of trading you are involved in can determine if a tight spread will favor you or not.

Deposit and withdrawal

One other very important consideration is the ease of deposit and withdrawal. Most brokers will process your deposit immediately, which should be the norm. Any broker that delays in this regard is not the best for you. A good broker will also not allow you to go through any stress before your deposit can be processed.

In the same vein, a good broker will not delay processing your fund withdrawal. The only reason why a broker should hold your fund is for trading purposes. Once you indicate interest in withdrawing the fund, the broker should have no excuse to hold onto the money. The withdrawal process should be hitch-free and the fund should be sent to your account without delay.

A good broker will offer a series of deposit and withdrawal methods. This way, it will be easy for the trader to make deposits and withdrawal via any convenient method. Some of the common methods of deposit and withdrawal are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic methods
  • Card payment

The more the merrier.

Check for available trading platforms

One other important consideration when choosing a Forex broker is the trading platform available to traders. Good Australian Forex brokers provide several trading platforms and give the traders complete freedom to choose the one that is convenient for them. The majority of trading activities occur on the trading platforms. Aside from varieties, also find out if the trading platform is stable and user-friendly. A user-friendly trading platform will be very easy to navigate. Even if you are new to the platform, you will not have a problem navigating the site.

Some of the many features to look out for when choosing a trading platform are:

  • Check for a free news feed.
  • Check for the available charting tools.
  • Also, check for technical tools and how easy it is to use them.
  • Check if the site offers all the information you need for trading.

Australian forex brokers Execution

You should equally find out how quickly the broker executes trades before you register there. Look for a broker that will fill you at the best possible price for your trades. A good broker has no reason to delay execution if the market conditions are normal. If the broker fails to do this, it can harm your trading experience. This is because missing just a few pips can tell a lot about your trading results.

Quality of customer service

One other very important thing to consider when choosing a Forex broker in Australia is the quality of the customer service. There is no perfect broker anywhere, but the quality of the customer service should be ok before you register with the broker. Find out if the broker offers several contact methods also. This way, it will be easier to communicate with the broker when anything goes wrong. You should also find out how quickly the broker responds to the customers’ messages. Some brokers are only available on word days, while some other ones can be reached even on weekends. A good broker should be there for you every step of the way also.

Australian Forex brokers
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